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  1. We don’t need it. I’ve lived in Hollywood Hills for 20+ years! I love living out here away from the hustle and bustle!!! On this flyer it says the state of Tn has already spent $104 million dollars!! That’s sad! And doesn’t have a single tenant or prospect!! What is really going on! I say no to the nonsense put it in the city somewhere where people really care about shopping etc. We like our peace and quite on Dobbins Pike!

    1. I live two houses OFF Dobbins Pike, and you think that there is peace and quite here? No, daily sirens blaring from the cop cars, the housing project down the street and the horrible blnd curves that are ALWAYS creating traffic because they have to close off Dobbins to clean up…….lets get in touch with the reality shall we, we NEED this. It is not the Industrial Park that will do anything except EMPLOY our neighbors and reduce crime.

      1. Zara.. I live on old hwy 109N, we too have sirens and accidents, in fact I need to negotiate the horrible old hwy 109 N and 109 intersection everyday. Let us get in touch with reality, this project will do nothing for our roads other than to add traffic to an already bad situation. You seem to think that the curvy road causes the accidents, how will this development straighten out your road? Additionally, this industrial park will not employ our neighbors as most of the companies will relocate their skilled employees as has been seen in many developments across the country. I am also interested in your statement concerning lowering the crime rate, how will this development lower the crime rate?

  2. Why is everyone so opposed to growth and change? We need to wise up and realize that in the long run GROWTH is what helps our schools, our unemployment and creating jobs close to home creates less traffic. I am sure that many of you have noticed the influx of people relocating to TN for jobs and what not, well because Gallatin and the surrounding areas provide the loan incentives for those people in rural areas, so now ALL those transplants are relocating and buying houses in Sumner County and driving into and out of Nashville, which is making our roadways more dangerous, more wear and tear (which causes MORE tax dollars being spent on the roads) and results in our having WORSE traffic than Los Angeles (yes I was there this past weekend and driving from Downtown LA to Santa Monica took 24 minutes that same distance here, would take nearly 45 minutes of more at that same time of day. How can any adult or better yet PROPERTY OWNER think that this is a bad idea? We NEED growth and expansion. Our schools, our property values (because lets face it, perhaps protesting HOUSING PROJECTS & Low income Subdivisions being built and scattered throughout Gallatin has done nothing but create deadly crimes, property damages and increased crime rates which decrease property values. Lets not kid ourselves we live CLOSE to station camp but our schools in Gallatin are terrible and outdated (has anyone actually sat in on a lunch at Guild, the ice cold food, the old and dated lunch rooms and facaility needs our money, money thatis coming from GROWTH to our area. I am sorry, but I know there are the wanna be farmers out there or the free range thinking people that want their acres, but I am in the “country” and the ambulances and fire trucks and police cars with sirens blaring daily doesnt show me anything “country” or indicative or preserving whatever it is that Gallatin old timers think that Gallatin would be losing if we were to gain this park.
    Plain and simple lets promote JOBS and welfare to work programs and requirements of the businesses that are going to locate to the new industrial park to hire LOCAL Sumner County residents for the areas beautification and preservation of the area by NOT increasing unemployement, low income housing and crime.
    We NEED THIS……so I say YES to the industrial park and NO to the old timers with disillusions of some yesteryear Gallatin or newbies that think that this is Farm Living, its not……Gallatin looks trashy people, with the exception of the area bordering Hendersonville, the whole city looks rather low income, THAT is what we should be addressing, not discouraging employment and growth to our area.

  3. Zara, I am one that is opposed to this industrial park, because it does not signify a positive or prudent change to our county. Just building an industrial park without tenants to occupy that park could and will be a waste of county money, my tax dollars.
    I relocated to Sumner County, not to take a job away from a TN resident, but because New Jersey, a highly industrial state with many industrial parks became too expensive for us to live in. I do not drive to Nashville to work, but do use our roadways to complete my work tasks. I see no real dangers with our highways and i often need to remind myself of the traffic that I once sat in in New Jersey. Believe me traffic in the Nashville area is not bad compared to New Jersey and even California. I too have been to California on many occasions and have friends and relatives in the Orange County and San Francisco areas. Be grateful for your 25 minute drive from LA to Santa Monica, a typical drive from Costa Mesa to LA in the early morning is easily a 3 hour journey, less than 1 hour with no traffic. To compare LA traffic or even NJ traffic to Nashville traffic is ludicrous and no comparison. We transplants are not making the roads less safe, we are providing the dollars that are helping keep “your roads safe.”
    You live close to this development as do I, this industrial park will not raise your property values, but decrease the local property values once the park is built as has been witnessed in other parts of the country. If you notice, none of these industrial parks are ever built around a mayor or commissioners home, the reason??
    Your statement above is very elegant and pointed but lacks the facts to convince us transplants who have witnessed industrial growth and the effects of failed industrial projects.
    I say NO to this industrial park as a resident of Sumner County and a “newbee” to Tennessee. I enjoy my bucolic life and know that this industrial park will do more to destroy our home and farm as well as Sumner County.

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