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Did You Know?

Did You Know?


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  1. According to Anthony Holts website, he says he is committed to keeping our taxes low. But the HIGHEST TAX HIKE in our county’s history happened under his administration. Where is our money going?
  2. In 2014, Anthony Holt requested 20 MILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer money for undisclosed “economic development.” This was part of the budget that resulted in a HISTORICAL 23% (TWENTY THREE PERCENT) hike in YOUR property taxes. Of course we later learned that he was intentionally setting the stage to seize 1000 acres of agricultural land to build a county-funded industrial park that would directly compete with the private business sector of our community (still ongoing).
  3. Anthony Holt appointed Bruce Rainey as the Chairman of the Sumner County Board of Appeals even with STAUNCH OPPOSITION by the commissioners and the public. Rainey is the owner of “Rainey and Associates” which is a surveying and land consulting firm. Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and textHis client list includes Tina Earp, who according to public record attempted to bribe an elected official in order to rezone her property. She would stand to gain the most financially (millions) if the Industrial rezoning of Dobbins Pike and Wallace Ln occurs. This is a HUGE conflict of interest that Mr. Holt and the county attorney have been unwilling to acknowledge.
  4. Anthony Holt also appointed Danny Hale to the Industrial Development Board. Danny Hale is the owner of the commercial development giant, Halo Properties and was SUED BY HIS OWN PARTNERS. Another questionable appointment and HUGE conflict of interest for Holt in support of HIGH DENSITY DEVELOPMENT!
  5. Anthony Holt, along with the Director of Schools, attempted to coerce the County Property Assessor to artificially and illegitimately inflate property values in an attempt to gain more county revenue from property taxes. The county assessor stood firm against Holt, which initiated a malicious (ongoing) attack against the assessor and his office.
  6. Anthony Holt opposed a 2% pay increase for county employees while simultaneously proposing a 20 MILLION DOLLAR county-funded industrial park.
  7. Anthony Holt urged the commissioners to continue seeking “creative ways”to obtain the 1000 acres after his Industrial Park was voted down THREE times. Shortly after, neighbors in the community reported being solicited by Bruce Rainey (Chairman of the Zoning Appeals Board, appointed by Holt) regarding ways they could privately rezone their land.
  8. Anthony Holt’s biggest campaign donors are commercial developers, contractors, realtors and consulting firms with vested interest in high density development.

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Early Voting is April 11-26, 2018

Election Day is May 1, 2018