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Our Mission

Preserve Sumner County (501c3) is a not for profit organization comprised of 6 board members who reside, own businesses, and pay taxes in Sumner County. It is our mission to preserve the historical, agricultural, and environmental resources that Sumner County represents by advocating for sustainable, forward-thinking proposals that serve to promote and elevate the community while simultaneously safeguarding the reputation, heritage, and integrity of Sumner County.

We work with elected officials, residents, and private business owners to ensure transparency by our elected officials so that all tax paying citizens understand the benefits and risks of each proposal in our county, thus giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions.  Our organization is bipartisan and has absolutely no political, religious, or corporate agenda. Our mission is 100% funded by the tax-deductible donations of those who support our efforts and are aligned with our platform.

Board Members:  Gaylea McDougal, René Vander Wielen, Audrey Trout Hesson, Linda Motley and Lee-Anna Thomas